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Beer & Wine


Champagne Brunch Buffet every Saturday and Sunday


House Wines

Glass: $5.50

Bottle: $22.00

Sm Karafe: N/A

Lg Karafe: N/A

Mango Sangria

Glass: $6.00

Bottle: N/A

Sm Karafe: $12.00

Lg Karafe: $22.00


Moet Chandon Nectar Rose
There is a special “mystique” with Rose Champagnes. This Moet is a little sweet and very, very delicious


Simonet Brut

Moet Chandon Nectar Rose
The nose and palate are very clean with subtle aromas and flavors of kiwi, lime, green apple and lemon pie. This should be your go to sparkler.


William Wycliff Brut

Fruity with a touch of strawberry and the perfect amount of sugar. Crisp and finishes on the upswing without the leaden malty taste that some Champagnes have.


White Wines

Glass / Bottle

Cavet Moscato

From Italy, it’s all the rage…sweet and delicious.


Caynon Road Moscato

$6.00 / $22.00

Ponga Sauvignon Blanc

Mouthwatering pink grapefruit and lychee fruit with a beautiful and clean finish. A lovely refreshing wine from New Zealand.

/ $24.00

Mars and Venus Sauvignon Blanc

This wine is bright with big citrus notes and delicious grassy aromas, making for a well-balanced Sauvignon Blanc that is refreshing on its own or delicious with soft cheeses, fish or chicken.

$6.00 / $22.00

Paul Dolan Organic Sauvignon Blanc

A beautiful 100% organic Mendocino Californian wine with hints of citrus and a tinge of light grassiness.

/ $32.00

Caymus Conundrum

From the second you pour the first glass, you are invited in with intriguing aromas of green apple, tangerine and honeysuckle blossoms. The taste is best described as exotic, with layers of peach, apricot nectar, green melon and pear, overlaid with subtle notes of citrus zest and spicy vanilla.

/ $11.99

Lotus White Zinfandel

Lighty and fruity with flavors of strawberry and apple

$6.00 / $22.00

Salmon Creek Pinot Grigio

This wine provides a varied profile of flavors including peach, anise, and melon. The finish is clean with a refreshing crispness.

$6.00 / $22.00

Cornaro Pinot Grigio

Well flavored and balanced, this Pinot Grigio opens surprisingly floral with meadow herbs and crisp watery stones. Zippy and refreshing, this wine is an ideal accompaniment for fish and light vegetable dishes.

/ 28.00

Canyon Road Pinot Grigio

This medium-bodied wine has hints of green apple, citrus, white peach and floral blossom. Crisp and tart, this wine leaves a refreshing and revitalizing finish on your palate.

$6.00 / $22.00

Sycamore Lane Chardonnay

Tart apple with tons of butter and vanilla.

$6.00 / $22.00

Santa Julia Organic Chardonnay

Elegant aromas of tropical fruits. A medium-bodied chardonnay using only organically grown grapes, this wine is fresh and crisp with a pleasant long-lasting finish.

$7.00 / $28.00

Hope Estate Chardonnay

Rich depth of stonefruit flavors are balanced by the fresh citrus and melon. The fruit integrates with the creamy oak to achieve a complex and full mouthfeel with persistent flavours and a very long, crisp, refreshing finish.

/ $9.99

Kung Fu Girl Riesling

90 Points Wine Spectator-Lovely, expressive, vibrant, with apple, lime and citrus blossom flavors, persisting enticingly as the offdry finish lingers against natural acidity.

/ $36.00

Dr. Loosen Riesling

This Loosen Riesling embodies the elegant and racy characteristics of steep, blue slate-soil Mosel vineyards at a very reasonable price. Juicy ripe peaches with sweet honeysuckle balanced with Meyer lemon. Delicious classic German Riesling.

$8.00 / $30.00

Red Wine

Glass / Bottle

Cono Sur Organic Pinot Noir

Voluptuous fresh and juicy cherry, raspberry and strawberry mingle with notes of fruits and smoky overtones.

/ $34.00

A to Z Pinot Noir

Big berry and black fruit with an earthy quality Oregon is famous for. This is an iconic brand for a reason!

/ $50.00

Canyon Road Pinot Noir

Rich, fruit forward cherry flavors, soft tannins, a medium body and a smooth velvety finish.

$6.00 / $22.00

Banrock Station Shiraz

Big, powerful and succulent with minerality, violet notes and spice.

$6.00 / $22.00

St. Kilda Shiraz

Berries and spice aromas with notes of mocha and licorice combine with rich ripe berries and plum flavors on the finish.

$7.00 / $26.00

Stella Organic Shiraz

From California comes this rich and bold shiraz. With hints of black fruits and dark cherries.

/ $22.00

Entrada Malbec

Entrada Malbec is a full-bodied, yet easy to drink example of what South American winemaking is best known for. The wine has typical Malbec characteristics of berries, plums, and delicious cherries, mingling with a hint of warm spice flavors.

$6.00 / $22.00

Tilia Malbec/Syrah

89 Points- Wine Advocate-The Tilia Malbec-Syrah shows a bright purple color with violet highlights. The nose is full of rich black fruit aromas with light earth notes and a touch of roasted coffee. The mouthfeel displays concentrated cassis and black raspberry fruit flavors interwoven with a touch of chocolate and sweet spice from light oak aging.

/ $28.00

Coltibuono Chianti

This wine was conceived with the intention of creating a young, pleasant wine, perfect for every day. The rich mouthfeel and soft tannins make a wine ready to drink right now.

/ $24.00

Penfolds Rawson’s Retreat Merlot

A great name from Australia, gentle and round but powerful with rich flavors of dark cherries.

$6.00 / $24.00

Stella Organic Melot

From California, pure and beautiful, lots of black cherries and dark fruit.

/ $28.00

Sycamore Lane Merlot

Sycamore Lane Merlot displays fresh, cherry-like varietal aromas, with hints of tobacco and herbal spice. Medium-bodied, with a smooth texture and soft tannins, it boasts rich, lingering flavors of cherries and plums.

$6.00 / $22.00

Duckhorn Decoy Merlot

For more than three decades, Duckhorn Vineyards has been crafting exceptional Napa Valley Merlot. Drawing on our winemaking team’s expertise working with this varietal, Decoy Napa Valley Merlot is a lush and inviting wine.

/ $40.00

Excelsior Cabernet Sauvignon

Rich and generous with a great earthy flavor typical of a South African wine. Intense flavors of plum and dark berries.

$6.00 / $22.00

Canyon Road Cabernet Sauvignon

Medium- bodied wine with rich and flavorful hints of ripe raspberry and a velvety smooth finish.

$6.00 / $22.00

Santa Julia Organic Cabernet Sauvignon

A really nice and lighter-styled Cabernet with bright fruit and spicy oak crawling on the bouquet. The palate is full of friendly raspberry, strawberry and plum, while the finish is round and chocolaty.

/ $28.00

Silver Oak Cabernet Sauvignon

Seemless on the palate with a solid core of berry, velvety tannins and excellent length.